Kenneth Tam and then-Captain Angus Topshee, Commanding Officer, CFB Halifax, when the first 12 Defense Command Novels were donated to the at-sea library of every ship in the Royal Canadian Navy (May 2013).

Kenneth Tam spells and pronounces his last name differently than Ken Barron, the narrator of the Defense Command series. The fact that they share the same first name is one of his great laments, because now everyone thinks he’s a bad writer with a terrible sense of humor, who happens to command a battle squadron.

In fact, he doesn’t command a battle squadron.

Kenneth is responsible for more than 40 of Iceberg Publishing’s titles, across four series, and he’s also a partner in the company… meaning he’s one of the editors Ken Barron constantly complains about.

He studied for six years at Wilfrid Laurier University, securing both a BA and an MA in military history. During that time, he also spent a year as a Balsillie Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, there working for Canada’s former ambassador and permanent representative to the UN, Paul Heinbecker.

After graduating, he served as a Communications Consultant on staff for Member of Parliament Peter Braid, before joining his father in wealth management with Sun Life Financial. He has since moved to Edmonton, Alberta, and taken up the duties of Communications Coordinator with the Alberta Land Institute, at the University of Alberta.

Kenneth is a Newfoundlander. Even though he’s now lived away from the island longer than he lived there, he will never consider another place home. Of course, that had no bearing on Newfoundland becoming Capital Island, the seat of power for the Earth Empire. History just worked out that way.

You can find Kenneth on Twitter, but please understand that he’s terrible at it. You can also find his Author Notes on Iceberg Publishing’s website. If you have questions for him, feel free to get in touch.